Most frequently asked questions and answers

1. Are the travel expenses included in your packages or covered additionally?

I am located 8 miles outside of Johnstown, any venue that is within 30 miles of my travel radius is included in your package. After those 30 miles I charge the national rate of 65.5 cents/mile

3. How long will it take for me to receive a sneak peek and the full edited gallery?

The sneak peek is around 30- 50 photos and is delivered within 24-48 hours after I leave your wedding.

The full gallery is delivered 30 - 90 days from the date of your wedding. Wedding dates that are set in "busy season" e.g September-November typically take longer to deliver compared to earlier dates e.g March-August

5. How do you keep our photos safe?

This is something that is a huge priority for me. The first step in my process is shooting on a dual card camera. So every time I take a photo it is being copied to a second card. I switch cards at least three times a day and I store them in a water/resistant anti shock case.
As soon as I arrive home those cards are backed up on two external hard drives. A year after your gallery has been delivered I move your backed up files on to a third external hard drive that is stored away.

7. Do you plan the timeline?

I will give any assisistance to timeline planning! I sit down on a call with every single one of my couples and we walk through the day hour by hour. At the end of the call I type up an official photo timeline. If you have a coordinator I will base my times off of their set schedule. I have mock timelines that I am more than happy to share if you need an idea on how it works.

9. How much does a second shooter cost, do we need one?

You can add a second shooter on to any package. The starting rate is $300 for four hours, then its $75 an hour. I recommend 6 hours if you have an 8 hour wedding day.
Second shooters are great, I wish I could be everywhere at once but at least I can send my associate ahead of me if I need to. Will your gallery be lacking if you don't have one? No! But what do they do?
I assign my second shooters to the groom and groomsmen for getting ready photos, they are usually caddy corner from me during the ceremony, they take groomsmen photos while I am with bridesmaids, and they attend cocktail hour. If you do not have a second shooter you will still absolutely get those photos if I can manage it.

11. How do you work during the day?

I work so hard at being energized and positive during the day! I get it, everyone is usually stressed and doesn't know what to to. My family called me "little foreman" growing up. I take charge but also pride myself in knowing when to hide in a corner and let the day unfold when it needs to. My ADHD is my superpower, and my goal is that your guests will say " your food was delicious and your photographer was so kind!" I have many friendships that have formed from people I have worked with at weddings. Its a true bonus of my job!

12. Explain the booking process.

If we both decide we are a good fit for each other I will send you a secure client portal. From there you are able to review the contract and place your non refundable retainer. You will receive emails and will pay again through that same client portal. It is all very safe, I never handle your credit card information it is all taken by the service Stripe.
You have the option to pay in partial amounts whenever you want, or in full the week of the wedding date.

2. How many photos are typically in a gallery and how do I receive them?

I deliver anywhere from 70-150 photos per hour not including the B&W copies included. I never put a limit to how many photos you receive.
My galleries are delivered online through a service called Pixieset. Its super simple to use, you can easily download, print, or share your gallery

4. Do you have lighting?

I use both on camera flash and off camera flash when needed! If your venue is on the darker side, I might set up light stands. If your ceremony does not allow for flash then I thankfully have a mirrorless camera, which handles dark situations very well.

6. How long is my online gallery active for?

I pay for a certain amount of storage with my gallery delivery service so I can guarantee a full year. If I ever have to remove your gallery after that year you will be notified and given a 30 days notice.
I always recommend downloading your gallery right away and storing your files somewhere safe.

8. I want sparkler exit photos, do we keep you till the end of the night for those?

I am a big advocate for a "controlled exit" meaning we turn those sparkler photos into a group photo opportunity. We have the DJ announce everyone is going to line up with sparklers, we play a fun song, you run through, everyone goes back inside and I am the one that leaves.
This option works great to avoid giving guests that have been drinking fire, you will have a larger crowd in your photos, and it breaks up your reception.
An alternative is having just your wedding party line up for sparkler photos if you're worried about guests leaving before the party is done.

10. How do engagement photos work?

Couples that book with me get 50% off my engagement sessions and we would schedule that separately. Engagement couples get a walkthrough and location guide, one hour session with one outfit change. Its perfect because we get to meet in person usually for the first time! You get to see how I work and we get to know our quirks

12. Do you offer albums?

I take a limited amount of albums a year! Feel free to ask and I can give you more details if I have them available. The are designed by me, printed on high quality ultra thick pages that lay flat and are wrapped in linen. I start my prices at $265 for an 8.5x8.5 album.