Who is she?!

Well hello there! Im Shawna, I had no idea I wanted to be a photographer until I became one.
There was never a buisness goal it was just a fun activity to do with friends. Now it’s more than that, it’s turned into giving you the space to be creative, to feel loved from your partner or for yourself.
I truly love what I do, and I want that to reflect in my work.
Today the goal is giving you artwork you are proud to display in your life because we created it together.

I specialize in capturing the love of couples,

taking your senior moments to remember forever,

snapping your family in their truest chaotic form,

helping you nail down branding for your business,

and of course, i'm with you when you say "I do!"

I am very laid back and "go with the flow" seriously whatever you want to do is fine by me!

Something about this job makes me so bubbly and energetic. I just get so excited in the moment seeing it all come together!

I have loved meeting some really fun people doing this job, and I cherish so many friendships that have come from this. I still exchange christmas cards with past couples and I look forward to it every year!

My work is a mix of candid documentary style and a little bit of stylized poses. My edits are warm and dreamy with a little edge.  I prepare an entire shot lists, send questionnaires, scout out locations, offer outfit recommendations and make sure you feel prepared and excited.

For my brides, I'm all about creating timelines and preparation, making sure we're on the same page for your big day. I have a 25 page wedding guide that all my couples receive.

My little family

I spend my days loving my three cats and my husband while we enjoy good food and tending to our out of control garden. 


I’m sure there is a character limit on these reviews so I’ll do my best, but just know, I could gush about Shawna for forever. From our very first email exchange, I felt completely seen by Shawna. To have your photographer be just as excited as you about your own wedding when they’ve seen & documented just about every kind of nuptials under the sun, is invaluable.Even our wedding week meeting put me at complete ease with Shawna’s adorable and efficient day-of planner/graphic. She really thinks of everything

Katie Kinka (A real life angel)

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