You're engaged!

Planning a wedding can be stressful so I want your engagement photos to be a fun time, like a date night!

This guide will take you through planning your engagement session including locations, theme, what you should wear and a few tips.

What do you want your engagement photos to be?

The first steps -

Choosing the Perfect Theme for Your Photoshoot

When it comes to selecting a theme, it's essential to consider what's meaningful and relevant to you and your significant other. While it's tempting to replicate photos seen on social media, it's crucial to ensure that your photos reflect your relationship. For instance, if you're not the outdoorsy type, a farm tour may not be the best choice. Instead, we can opt for a cozy coffee shop that aligns with your interests and lifestyle.

Some other examples would be If you like to sit on your couch and play video games we can do a photoshoot surrounded around that. If you met at a bar that is now sentimental to you how about we take photos there if we can?

These are to celebrate the two of you so lets do that!

It's also totally ok if you want simple classic engagement photos surrounded by a beautiful sunset. There doesn't always have to be "theme" to these, the theme is you're getting married!

Let's talk location

Probably the most asked question I get is "Shawna I have zero idea where we should go, do you have any spots?" and OF COURSE! Listen I am a nature girlie so almost all of my "go to spots" are outdoors but that doesnt mean I can't think of a alternative. That is why I direct you with a "theme" first so we can ease some anxiety of location scouting. Down below is the direct link to my location guide, but before you dive into it let me explain some deciding factors.

  1. Time of year. I find the beauty in all seasons but that doesn't mean every location works for every season! I frequently get a screenshot of this one field filled with flowers and a gorgeous sunset that I shot in July. The problem is I get requested for this exact shot in early March and there's an inch of snow on the ground!
  2. Choose one location. I get it you want a little of everything! Who wouldn't right?! I am fortunate that my two most popular locations are within 10 minutes of each other, but that doesn't mean I recommend we go to both and this is why. Less is more and an hour goes super fast! I find if we settle in one location and use everything it has to offer then your gallery is more cohesive and you get more shots.

What to wear

Choosing the Perfect Outfit for Your Photoshoot

Everyone has their own unique style, and there's no right or wrong outfit. The key is to wear something that makes you feel comfortable and confident. Here are some tips to help you pick out the perfect ensemble:

  • Coordinate your outfit with your significant other, but don't match to the point where you're wearing the same exact outfit.
  • Neutrals are always a safe bet if you want a timeless look that won't clash with your surroundings.
  • If you're feeling bold, don't be afraid to wear something colorful to make a statement in your photos.
  • Keep the season and mood of your shoot in mind when choosing an outfit. For example, darker neutrals will give your photos a moody vibe if that's what you're going for.
  • If you're wearing patterns, make sure they're subtle so your clothing won't draw attention away from you.
  • Opt for comfortable shoes since we'll be walking for at least an hour. Also, consider the location of your shoot when choosing footwear. Heels and muddy fields don't mix!
  • Flowy dresses or skirts are perfect if you love the look of movement in your photos.
  • Avoid logos and neon clothing. Instead, try a burnt orange or mustard-colored dress in the fall to add a pop of color without going overboard.

What to expect and how to prepare





Treat yourself

Feel free to get your nails done, buy a new outfit, get your ring cleaned! A great idea (but totally not necessary just fun) is to schedule your hair or makeup trial for the wedding on the day of your engagement photos!

If your groom needs some grooming have him shave the night before so his skin is not red and irritated.

Give yourself time

I typically set the time of our shoot an hour before sunset for best lighting. Map out our location a day in advance and arrive a few minutes early. I won't immediately jump into taking photos when you step out of the car. I like to give us some time to warm up and I give you a rundown on what it's like to shoot with me.

Don't be nervous

I promise you MOST couples I shoot with have never once gotten photos done and are SO nervous and awkward when we start. Its 1000% normal! I will be honest I get nervous too and I have been doing this for years! I mean essentially I am meeting strangers in the woods!

But most importantly by the end of the shoot we are all laughing and we're best buds. Even tricky guys who do not want to be there say "Okay this wasn't anything what I was expecting this was pretty fun" I swear!

Ask questions

If you're a Snaps bride this might be the first time we meet! I want you to ask me questions about this process, if its about your wedding day or even if it's personal. I will talk about my cats for fifteen minutes if that makes you feel more comfortable around me.

Now let's get started.

Just know I have your name written down on my calendar and I wait all week to create with you! Remember after we finish I will send a preview the next day and then full gallery is delivered within fourteen days after. Start getting excited!